Erectile Dysfunction And Penis Enlargement

There have been many arguments about relationship of penis size to male sexual performance. While no definite answer has been discovered, a more obvious question here should be whether the age matters?

Old age and Erectile Dysfunction

It is not a secret that as we get older, our body functions tend to slow down. Everything goes on a decline, starting from metabolic rate and ending with sexual performance. Stress, lifestyle and nutrition add to hormonal changes which affect performance of older men. That is a reason why ED is more often concerns people over 40.

This means the problem is not in the size of the penis, its length or girth, but more so in its ability to function properly, gain and maintain a strong erection which will allow to last through the sexual intercourse. A decrease in male libido further intensified by strains in relationship between the couple may also contribute to causes of ED.

However, with changing rhythm of life it is not uncommon to hear young men suffer from ED as well. More than 50% of men worldwide experience Erectile Dysfunction at some stage in their life. Even though the trend occurs more often in the older generation, younger men contribute to the overall number.